Guerrilla Gardening

I like the idea of guerrilla gardening, or taking over an orphaned piece of land, often urban, and turning it into a garden full of flowers and trees. Community gardens are often born this way. Richard Reynold, a British guerrilla gardener, just published his book On Guerrilla Gardening. The book seems to give all sorts of tips and insights on this practice, but his blog and website are a very good source of information too.

In the meantime I keep eyeballing a little strip of green that is very close to where I live, and it’s supposedly a guerrilla garden, or a “non commercial space”, as they state at the entrance. The spot doesn’t seem too well attended, but maybe something can be done…The area of Nørrebro – where I reside – is actually the best for community attended urban gardens, yey! I’ll post more pics of my favourite next month.


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