Getting ready for the LONG winter…

Finally we’re getting some furniture for the flat, and we’re ready to be cozy and all for the long Danish winter. This is how the living room look like. I LOVE the trees out in the square.

Or half of it, we’re still working on the other half. The yellow sofa is a sleeping bed, so come visit! we got our first guest yesterday and he said it is ultra comfortable…My favourite things so far are the piece of fabric from Mexico that covers tons of holes left in the wall by the previous owners:

and of course Girard, that we found in the trash:

He’s gonna be hanging on top of the bookshelves.

Ready for the Danish winter! That is actually NOW! Yeah!

Well, we’re going to the south of Sweden for the weekend and my birthday – it’s one of my favourite places ever, especially because it’s sunny most of the time. This are some pictures from the last time we were there:

This is the bed and breakfast we stay in, run by some friends. It’s lovely.

The guy in the red shirt is Bjørn, one of the owners. This is the interior of the b&b:

And the deck where you eat breakfast:

and the sheeps! I love sheeps!

Ok now dinner is ready….I’ll post more soon!


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