I wish I’d spend more time drawing and sketching on the tons of notebooks I’ve accumulated in years. Even just writing more would be fine. But when I’m not in the flow I just don’t do it, and it’s a pity. And obviously enough, if I don’t do it I don’t get into the flow. So I’m always waiting for that great trip to Mali or Madagascar or Greenland, where I’ll definitely just sit and draw and write about all that surrounds me. In the meantime I’m in KPH and that’s a good excuse not to just start filling my notebooks with something other than addresses and names and quotes. I’ll do better. Certainly Stefano Faravelli is one illustrator that is an awesome inspirational source. I own his sketchbook about India (In viaggio con l’elefante) published by EDT, and I love it. Here just some sketches of Faravelli I could find online:

Totally different but pretty cool too are Guillermo del Toro’s sketches for Pan’s Labyrinth!


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