These pictures are from a one day bike ride in Vestamager (in Italian you would read: vestama), at the Kalvebod Faelled park, probably the biggest natural reserve so close to a capital city. You get there in 15 minutes metro ride from Copenhagen center, and all over the park there are gorgeous trails and lakes and animals (especially cows). At the end of the trail you can enjoy the beautiful beach. Here we go…


…in idyllic scandinavian woods…

the sea! or should I say ocean? or bay? I’m not so sure. This is when the sun started being covered by clouds and the temperature turned pretty greenlandic. But still beautiful.

On your way in (or out) the park you can see how the area just north of the nature reserve is changing – it’s gonna be full of new residential building and office spaces in the near future. For now it’s just cows…And they will stay there, of course. They happily live in their protected land.

And last but not least my favourite metro, the CPH metro, that has no driver whatsoever. This is the ride back to town. The wagons are remotely controlled.

Soon I’ll post some random pics of this last year I spent in CPH and traveling around DK. Ciao!


4 risposte a "Vestamager!"

  1. Hi Val

    I’m enjoying your lovely site with all its fantastic and positive (although sometimes critical) comments on art and other stuff. It’s so much like being with you guys.

    Enjoy this info: the metro is a Maglev train (magnetic levitation)!



  2. Ciao Vali!
    Bellissime foto, sembra proprio che tu ti diverta in Danimarca.
    Spero che prima o poi riuscirò a organizzarmi per venirti a trovare.
    A presto,

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