Anyone can use the harbor

We went to the Black Diamond library to check out the Sally Mann exhibit yesterday afternoon. I’m not a big fan of this ultra cool new library. I don’t like the dramatic big black pharaonic architecture and honestly the photo show was incredibly small. But the truth is, the harbor and canals area of CPH are pretty stagnating when it comes to fun places to hang out, at least in my opinion. There are a lot of new buildings coming up, like the new opera and the new theatre, but they all look the same to me, modern cold and boring.

Then we biked to this weird little spot by the canal at Langebro bridge, there were some people hanging out, a green floating seasick seamonster, a floating little museum, a homemade wooden xylophone and some water bikes ready to be used…

A sweet girl welcomed us bringing some homemade cakes, and for the next hour we just hung out at the Harbor Laboratory, the collaborative experimental project started by the collective Parfyme. You can hang out and if you want you’re welcome to write your own ideas on how the harbor should be used and developed. So if you happen to be in CPH before October 2008 don’t miss it! It’s right by the Langebro bridge that connects to Amager.
“As we see it, the harbor has a great potential to be a cultural, and inspirational area for the residents of Copenhagen. We will do our best to facilitate and realize this goal using the Harbor Laboratory as a platform/catalyst for innovative change.” Parfyme takes part in U-Turn, the Danish quadriennale of contemporary art that is taking place right now in Denmark!

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