Skrald Decor

That is, trash decor. My favourite! I keep finding so much nice stuff here in Denmark, like this crazy orange vase! Some dumpsters have special areas that look just like flea markets, but for free.

Everything is orderly displayed: books on shelves, stereos, TVs and electronic devices placed all together on shelves too, then plates, cups, toys, armchairs, all sorts of pieces of furniture. You get what you need, and if you want you leave there what you don’t need. I’m too lazy to take real pics with my camera, and then download them, then put it on line, so I’ve just used my web cam to immortalize my recent findings. So much of the stuff we own we found. Isn’t amazing?

Here’s more: the hawaiian box, the cat box and the set of antique frames! The card in the frame comes from Andreas grandma’s old house.

Last but not least, this book. Mmh…The cover says is Touching and Revealing

And the Copenhagen city council department of waste management gives away this t-shirt if you answer this test. I think I want it! I think I’m going to do the test! It’s really going to be challenging since it’s in Danish, but I’ll give it a try.


Una risposta a "Skrald Decor"

  1. bella anche io la vogliooooooo

    vale ogni giorno di più penso di scappare e di venire in danimarca da te…continuo a pensarci è diventata una fissazione…vedo le tue foto, sento i racconti e ogni giorno mi monta la voglia di scappare e venire da te.
    poi ho troppa voglia di vederti giuro che prima che posso vengo a farmi almeno un week end.
    ti bacio tanto

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