al dente

by ouef

I had my last wisdom tooth removed on Friday, and it was quite the operation cause the tooth was trapped in the jaw, I’ll spare the details but it was NOT nice. I stayed in for an hour, too, and that didn’t help my dentist phobia. But now I’m getting better, and I’ve being assisted by the best nurse ever, Ando!

The dentist handed my a nice leaflet with all things you should know when you have a tooth removed, here’s the cover. It has a lot of info that are supposed to tranquilize and help you:

But then if you look closer, what do you see? The symbol of the dentist association here in DK. And it looks like this…

Phobic people like me feel so uplifted! Thanks! For instance I’m glad my dentist does not look like that scary madonna dentist with the big pliers. Look at her expression, she just want to HURT you!!


Una risposta a "al dente"

  1. ciao Valeriuzza! spero che il dente stia meglio..complimenti per “er blog” lo visito spesso e tutte le volte non rimango mai delusa…si trovano un sacco di cosine interessanti, informazioni, foto, posti mai visti! Grazie e tanti bacioni! ah, dimenticavo, grazie anche perchè forse riuscirò a imparare qualche vocabolo di inglese in più! ;-)

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