Cow chair / Sedia muccata

I’m still at home with my friends, the painkiller pills, waiting for my tooth situation to become normal again. So I guess I can put up one more tutorial! It’s the easiest project of all: turning an old chair in a cow chair. We got these chairs in a thrift store last year, and at first I covered them in orange Ikea fabric. But the fabric wasn’t strong enough, since it was not for upholstery and very thin. They looked like this:

So I upgraded them to a slightly fuzzy cow fabric cover. Material you need: cow fabric (or tiger, leopard, snow lion, whatever). Tools: staple-gun and screwdriver.

First lift up the seat (don’t know how else to call it!) and get ready to take off the old fabric cover by lifting up the staples with the screwdriver.

Then you’ll cut out the fabric you wanna cover your chair with and place the seat on top. With the staple-gun start shooting staples to fix the fabric to the wooden surface of the seat (the back). You can see the white corduroy that was underneath the orange layer, I left it for extra comfort (these chairs aren’t very soft!)

That’s pretty much it…just need to put the seat back in place. The whole thing take perhaps 10 minutes!

And when my upholstery skills will develop a little bit more maybe I’ll be able to do stuff like this (is a project on craftster you can find here):


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