Pink therapy is good

In a week and 2 days home from work – because of complications after the operation at the dentist – I had a lot of time to entertain myself. It’s nice to have time to make crafts and read.

I’ve ordered a bunch of great zines from Microcosm Publishing (a very very nice distro), like this one:

but MOST importantly I’ve been reading parts of Paris Hilton’s book: Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose… It’s at our local library, but unfortunately it’s not supposed to be loaned! Too bad because it’s such the BEST read when your brain is under the influence of opiate medicines. She’s definitely my favourite trashy celebrity! The book is just too pink to be true.

It exudes pink and glitters and bleach! Yes! For the 60% it is just pictures (of her) and it’s full of rules and advice and secrets for being a perfect heiress. “Fear nothing – except insects! Always have a tan! If you’re happy, wear pink! Never wear the same thing twice!” A must read. Somehow very inspiring. I found parts of it online too…in case your local library doesn’t have it.

I know she also published her diary recently, I’m confident the efficient danish library system will have it in catalogue. I only need some Pollon cartoons on tv…but I’m not sure that many countries outside of Italy broadcasted it (it was in the 80s). Coro Coro Pollon!!

And I found the best music for tooth estraction recovery…also on the trashy side (of metal), is the Shocker – with former L7 Jennifer Finch. I hope they’ll come to CPH, but I know it will never happen. Nice thing you can listen to their music online. DO IT!


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