Diary comics

Matthew Reidsma, HMM
Matthew Reidsma, HMM

I found this great comic zine – High Maintenance Machine – on Microcosm Publishing website. It’s a lovely diary comic by Matthew Reidsma. on his website you can find more, order zines and original strips. Looks like we’re gonna buy a subscription. This comic is really a treat, and makes my trips on the metro very pleasant!

…especially since 2 weeks ago my ipod fell on the bike lane while I was biking pretty fast, and by the time I went back to the spot where I lost it…it was gone! It took only 2 minutes for it to be stolen…on a bike lane. Well, this means I’ll have more time to read comics and to build a bigger cd-records collections. And since I’m evil I hope my ipod, after hitting the ground, it’s now only playing the Brujeria album, ad infinitum. Forever!


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