Macchinetta trombetta

I’ve always been very fascinated by the so-called outsider art, or art brut (even though I’m not crazy about the categorization). Tarcisio Merati is an “outsider” artist from Bergamo (my hometown) who died some years ago after spending a great part of his life in a psychiatric hospital.

Macchinetta Trombetta

While in the institution he started making art, and became quite good at it…I’m really in love with the colors he used and the names he chose for his paintings, many of those were called Macchinetta Trombetta! It seems that when he was released from the hospital he completely stopped painting. After a while out in the “normal” world he insisted to be readmitted in another institution, and got back to his art…

Macchinetta Trombetta
uccellino due teste
Uccellino due finestre
Cagnolino azzurro
Cagnolino azzurro

all pictures are from: Associazione Merati


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