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Pink therapy time is over, now it’s time to enjoy some very good hyperrealistic claustrophobic filmmaking. Gomorra by Matteo Garrone is one of the best italian movies I’ve seen this year (well, living in DK I haven’t seen that many, it’s true…). The movie is out now.

The daily life of the organized crime in the Napoli area, the infamous camorra, in times of war – the war between clans: this is what the film is about.

No glamorous gansgters though, no Henry Hill or Tony Montana, just the actual real gangsters from the province and their many cold blooded murders, the really cheesy music and the artificial tanning, the drug dealing, the toxic waste “management”, the haute couture manufacturers, the Scarface wannabes, the kids get trained to be shot at while wearing bulletproof vests.

All this is real and it’s brought to you in the form of a war bullettin of sorts, shot on location. Martin Scorsese was enthusiatic about it. However, when we watched the film here in CPH four people straight left the room in disappointment during the screeing…

It’s the kind of movie you either love or don’t like at all, which alone makes it great. Roberto Saviano’s reportage book Gomorra inspired the film, and is a great read. So far the book is published in 43 countries. Saviano is my age and has been living under round-the-clock police protection for 2 years after his book was published in 2006. Here’s an article about him in english.

And here you are the trailer.


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