Scandinavian food: episode 1

Family lunch time! Peter, Bodil, Andreas & I put together an all Danish menu for our lunch. Even my apple-pear-fennel salad was made almost entirely with Danish ingredients. Silke: yes, that’s your desk by the wall there in the picture! ;-)

hurray for smørrebrod
hurray for smørrebrod

Ok now a close-up of the food. This is the smørrebrod, typical Danish “open-face sandwich” (as it is commonly defined). I still don’t know how to make a perfect one, even less how to eat it – traditionally you MUST eat it with fork and knife – without having pieces of bread and food falling all over the place. But this is Bodil’s smørrebrod. A pretty traditional exemplar, with layers of: butter (smør), herring, boiled eggs, mayonnaise and rucola on top of a slice of rye-bread. Voilà.

This here was my slightly cowardly version of Danish traditional meal, a selection of salads – one very good with redbeets, a common DK winter vegetable – and my poor version of salmon smørrebrod (on the left): butter, black pepper and smoked salmon. But since I used 2 slices of bread it’s not a smørrebrod, just a little panino. Plus you really must use rye-bread.

Following: cheese (served last, right before the dessert in DK, french-style), Almondy Swedish cake, coffee (here it is more kind of like the American coffee, not like Italian espresso).

And delicious sardinian mirto liquor, thanks to Betty & Daniele!!


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