the beautiful world of papercutting

Rain Girl
Rain Girl - Elsa Mora
Tree house
Tree House - Elsa Mora
Utensils - Elsa Mora
Utensils - Elsa Mora

The Heart of Papercuts is possibly one of the best blogs ever.

It is entirely focused on papercutting! The blog is a very recent project by Elsa Mora (Elsita is her main blog).

I wrote a post about her a while ago, remember the beautiful flower women and the intricate papercuts? Above you can see some more of her art.

I just can’t get over how beautiful they are, and I strongly recommend to check The Heart of Papercuts. It’s the ultimate source of information about anything papercut: you’ll find links to papercut artists, videos, tutorials, books, organizations, and pictures of her own art. She did a great job gathering all this in such a pleasant weblog. Definitely inspiring…

Elsa writes:

If you can hold a pair of scissors or a knife in your hand then you should give papercutting a try. The process of creating a papercut piece is a wonderful way to practice and master the art of patience. (…) Papercutting has found a very special corner in my heart and through this blog I am going to share my love for this wonderful and healing art form with you. I am looking forward to all our paper adventures, I invite you to join me in this journey.



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