Icelandic saga goes on. Time for women to be upset!

‘We are all furious in Iceland but women especially so. We trusted the men at the helm and now we feel fooled, and totally convinced that if it had been women in charge we wouldn’t be owing all these billions right now. They talk about the Viking model! What is the Viking model? Rapists and robbers! That’s no model for the 21st century.’

Words from Oddny Sturludottir, a Reykjavik city councillor, from a good article about how women can now save Iceland, on the Guardian online edition.

And Iceland’s most famous woman, Bjork, thinks that Iceland could exit the crisis through sustainability. It’s a really fascinating point of view.

Icelanders are highly educated in advanced sciences. We have ORF, one of the best biogenetics company in the world; Össur, an artificial limb-maker; CCP, a computer games maker, and so on. We also have a lot of doctors and health professionals.

Iceland can be more self-sufficient and more creative – and still have an approach that is more 21st than 19th century. It can build fewer, smaller and greener dams. Let’s use this economic crisis to become totally sustainable. Teach the world all we know about geothermal power plants. Support the Icelandic seed companies. Support the grass roots. It may take longer to build and deliver profits but it is solid, stable and something that will stand independently of the rollercoaster rides of Wall Street and volatile aluminium prices.

And it will help Iceland to remain what it is best at: being a gorgeous, untouched force of nature. (from Times)


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