my work

Here are some pictures of the place where I work. It’s maybe still unclear for somebody what my job is and how it looks like in a graphic workshop, so here some pics! I happened to have my camera at work the other day, so I took some photographs before going home. This one up here is a poster from the entrance wall, completely covered in all sorts of cards and gallery fliers.

This is how my work station looks like – my “office space” – that day I was using black ink to print the artwork. Today was violet. Sometimes is many different colors, often in what looks like a big mess…

You can see the etching ink and the scraper on the glass surface of my work table. More pics from my work space…

Above you see – in the background – the linolie (olio di semi di lino – linseed oil in English), used to make some colors more smooth. Etching inks can be very clumpsy. They don’t smell and they’re pretty natural, based on pigments and flaxseed oil.

And this is one of the presses, the one I was using the day I took the pictures:

This press is very old, from the 19th century, but luckily has been automatized. The building where my work is at is a huge loft, part of an old chocolate factory. The floor above us used to be the storage for the cacao beans…now it’s an acting studio.

The crusty old radio…We have many radios and stereos, but this is the worst as you can tell. We keep it in this position ‘cause is the only way we can get the frequency clearly…

Some of the colors we use…They are mainly French.

The view from the window by my work station. It was 16.40. Sunset time.

We are located very very close to the sea, right opposite Sweden. But you can’t tell from this photo, the windmills in the sea are visible from the kitchen window, but it was too dark to take a decent picture. This is the view from the terrace:

This is our kitchen:

We make our food together, lately my boss has fun cooking – and the day I took these photos he happened to cook pasta with fresh Icelandic mussels (cozze) and chili for lunch! I’ve never tried Icelandic mussels before, they are so delicious, so delicate! I HAD to take a picture by the way, but it was just when we devoured the whole thing.

What a show off I am! ahahaha! but is amazing to get this for lunch! Well, sometimes we just eat bean salads or smoked salmon on bread.

And here is some of the work I’ve made : this is now in the permanent collection of the museum of contemporary art, ARKEN, the picture is kind of small though! I made the last 25 images. It was my first big project, I finished it last year before christmas.

I love my job, even though sometimes is very challenging. I’m learning a lot and it’s a very unconventional environment…I hope you can come eat some mussels with us soon! :-) Come visit!


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