Stop Iams

This is not craft related or Scandinavia related…but it’s important. IAMS, the dog food and cat food producer, leads cruel experiments on dogs. They surgically debark the dogs, for instance, and leave them in small cold cages with no access to natural light or outdoors. They do all sorts of cruel experiments on them to develop their food formulas.

PETA, among others, did an investigation on them for many months, and this picture is from it. The caption reads:

Sally is extremely timid. She was born on April 10, 1996, and has spent the last six years trying to sleep and walk on cold wide-slatted floors. Many dogs injure themselves when their legs become stuck in between the slats.

Stop buying IAMS to your cat or dog. IamsCruelty is the PETA site dedicated to IAMS cruelty. In case you already bought some get a refund following these instructions. And here you find brands of compassionate pet food – not tested on pets.


I got a comment from a IAMS representative stating that IAMS doesn’t debark dogs. I’ve contacted PETA Europe on this too. I’m not so inclined to believe in this corporation’s good policies, sadly enough! I really DO hope Iams really doesn’t debark dogs, or didn’t do it in the past. On the other hand I worked in an animal shelter here in Denmark, and I know how loud it is all the time for all the dogs barking (and they were only about 25 or so usually) so I wouldn’t be surprised if a research center that does animal tests for corporations (to increase their profits) would use such a practice to have a more “quiet” work environment. But I’ll wait for more info!


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