we'll get a balcony!

Mamma, eccoti le foto della finestra nuova! Special post that would probably interest only my mom :-) unless you’re burning to see our new bedroom window, where we’re gonna have a balcony!

Our backyard was looking like this. Old windows: gone.

Dust everywhere. Like in our apartment ;-)

We lived with bedroom wrapped in plastic for a little while, until they mounted the new window.

Ando checking the ultra-termic-bomb scandinavian winter-proof new windows. We cannot open them yet, except for the little one above. (sorry it’s all out of focus)

If we open them now, we fall into the void. In fact they have to build the actual balcony now. We’re gonna have sofisticated cocktail parties when it’s ready.

photo flickr - marcoa84
photo flickr - marcoa84

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