from the farm

Today is a great day, since for a series of lucky circumstances I got the day off, yeah! So I could go pick up our vegetable package, the one we get every month thanks to Agenda 21 in Nørrebro. We pay a cheap monthly fee and get biodynamic vegetables with Demeter certification, from a farm near CPH.

Here they are. Thanks to this vegetable delivery in our neighbourhood I got to know how the brussel sprouts grow on the plant, by the way. I’m ashamed to admit I thought they were roots….

I think most cities and towns in the world now have their local Agenda 21 office, so you may want to check what yours have to offer. Agenda 21 is a UN program for sustainability.

Our local one is really great! They even have something called Plantaktion where they give plants and planters for free to put in front of your house, how beautiful is that?


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