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whats up with the pig head?

What’s up with the pig head? Is this referring to some obscure traditional dish I never heard before? I took the photo at the toy section in the National Museum, they have many beautiful doll houses! But slightly sinister things were going on inside. I also like this, the beheaded doll…

And apparently in another of the old doll houses somebody got killed/collapsed while making food. Or maybe she is just looking for the carrot peeler that fell on the floor?


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  1. Hi Valeria, How do you find time to create all these thoughtful blogs? I’m enjoying them. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Viv

  2. The pig’s head: Pig’s heads were used traditionally for making SYLTE (pickled/jellied pork) – in the days when it was very important to use every part of slaughtered animal to maximize the nourishment for the family (done in every country, isn’t it cf. dishes with tripe)

    I think it was done something like this: the head (or other pork meat) is boiled with bay leaves and pepper and salt etc. The meat and some fat is picked from the bones and plucked into morsels. The more the meat is actually meat, and not gristle or skin (like from the ears – uagh) the higher the quality of the SYLTE. To the stock is added gelatine, and then it is poured into pans and will hopefully solidify.
    It is served cold, sliced, on rye bread, with mustard and pickled beetroot (as you know, pickled beetroot is served with a multitude of sins on Danish lunch tables.) Andreas’ granny/farmor used to make DELICIOUS SYLTE, of course, for the traditional julefrokost.
    So proud of my niece Sarah, that she can make “brun sovs”!
    from Bodil

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