Ode to Common Things, or the tender recycle center

Il Dolce Gelato!! I found it in our local “recycle center” in the neighborhood, the place where you can give away stuff you don’t want or just pick up something that somebody else didn’t want anymore. I left Dolce Gelato there, on the shelves of the center. So many good memories though! I wonder if it was some Italian immigrant who left it there.

But we found the coffee table we were looking for.  Here it is, with its unmistakable ikea charm, now recycled in our living room:

And this is the proof that people here literally park their babies when they need to! My family never believe me. A lady parked her baby by our bikes while she was going through the recycled furniture and clothes…

The nicest thing about our local recycle center is the mural on the inside wall, it’s the poetry Ode a las Cosas (Ode to Common Things) by Pablo Neruda, in its Danish translation:


I have a crazy, crazy love of things. I like pliers, and scissors. I love cups, rings, and bowls – not to speak, of course, of hats. I love all things, not just the grandest, also the infinitely small –thimbles, spurs, plates, and flower vases. Here‘s the whole poem, in Spanish & English.


4 risposte a "Ode to Common Things, or the tender recycle center"

  1. Neruda is timeless. Can’t believe that you can just leave a baby like that, but it it somehow wonderful and you should be able to do that, in an ideal world. It’s sad that you can’t in most places.

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