Photo of the week

from my collegues phone
from my collegue's phone

I’m the most ridicolous “vegetarian”! ahahah! I like to gut and eat only some selected animals, like fish…

This pic was taken at work, to show you how hard I work? A while ago me and my collegue had a surprise delivery of a fresh salmon each, and each salmon was 4 kilos and a half (10 pounds, for the Americans who read this). What could we do? We couldn’t fit them in the fridge (fish were too big) until was time to go home, so we just gut them straight away, in our workplace kitchen. Then packed the filets in plastic bags. We’ll eat salmon for a while. In DK we get salmon deliveries as in Italy you get pizza! (ok, not true…)

also from my collegues phone...
also from my collegue's phone...

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