S.Lucia at Lake Garda

We just came back from our trip to Italy and it’s already time to pack for the trip to California, yay! I’ll try to post the photos from Italy tomorrow. We stayed mostly at Lake Garda, celebrating S.Lucia at my Grandma’s, and in our summerhouse. In Scandinavia S.Lucia celebration (Dec.13th) looks usually like this. A celebration of light.

via siracusaweb
via siracusaweb

In Italy it looks like this:

via sicilianelmondo
via sicilianelmondo

We only celebrate it in some areas of Italy, like Veneto  for instance, where half of my family is from. The Italian S.Lucia holds her eyes in a silver plate and comes at night bringing you presents (or coal), if you look at her she throw some sand in your eyes, so she’s also a sort of sandman. She rides a donkey, and likes clementines.

Andreas and I have been good, so S.Lucia brought us presents! And we also had a lot of good food.

lasagna time
lasagna time

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