Italian Journey – part I

Maybe it wasn’t a journey, considering we were in Italy for 4 days (2 flying and driving to/from airports). But it felt like it, in a good way.

It’s nice to go back and feel like a mix between a tourist and a local. Where do I start? I guess with some pics of my grandparents house by Lake Garda…It was actually sunny for 30 minutes, but I managed to take outdoor photos then.

A couple more photos of the area, the house is separeted from the lake by a road.

And the very beautiful lake.

We were actually out walking my dog Johnny, trying to digest…

But let’s go back in time, and meet the family…

So, we were celebrating S.Lucia with all the relatives, and checking out the presents. This was before the lunch. Can you find the only Scandinavian in the picture? He’s so close to the window. Trying to run away from 20 Italian relatives is not so easy though, ehehe…

Above: cousins Alberto, Alessandro, Nicola and aunt Alessandra with baby Emilia.

Ando got his present too.

My sister Silvia holding French-Italian Emilia. Emilia’s father, Francesco, is behind, in the pic. Sorry Francesco and Sybille (the French mamma), I happen to have no photos at all of you! :-((

My brother Edoardo.

In the kitchen, where my grandma Nuccia is at the moment taking care of the 5 kilos of roasted potatoes with rosemary – one of her many specialties, she is the best chef EVER.

Here’s my brother Federico and his philosophy books, my grandma and the potatoes.

Nice tablecloth on the table. Sort of an irrelevant picture, I know, but my photos from Italy are very very random! I was too busy and confused :-)

My dog, also very confused.

The Blondest portrait: my cousin Benedetta, Andreas, and baby Emilia. You are all SO Danish!

And Andrea, also surviving the family gathering.

Then we started enjoying our feast. I’ll put the second part online tomorrow, from Bettina’s and Bergamo.

Have a nice friday night, hopefully for most of you the first holiday night!! Yeah. We’ll have some friends, some salmon (that one from work), gloog (mispelled) and perhaps perhaps æbleskiver (also mispelled? dont have time to check…). Ciao!


2 risposte a "Italian Journey – part I"

  1. Absolutely marvellous to catch these warm family photos from your whirlwind tour, and the beautiful beautiful beach scenes from California. Tusind tak, en dejlig oplevelse.

    Æbleskiver is absolutely correct! Gløgg has various spellings or glögg (as it probably came to Denmark from Sweden)

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Warning: it’s pretty cold here, on and off. Ice-skating in full swing on the square.

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