Italian Journey – part II

And after part I here it is the last post on our trip to Italy. Above & below some photos from the summerhouse (very close to my grandparents’). Andreas modeling.

I don’t have many pictures from Bettina and Federico’s house. One is this: people courageously eating more food (cakes & cookies, vin brulè and salmon sandwiches), even though we finished lunch just 2 hours previously. From the left: my mom, Benedetta and her mom Francesca.

Oh, and I’m supposed to post photos of the amazing tree-house-bed that my cousin Alessandro (Bettina’s son) has in his bedroom. His Austrian grandfather build it and carved it for him. It was the envy of everybody! Sorry for the darkness, windows were closed in the room (the owl needs to sleep during the day).

It has a slide, stairs, trees, a little hidden room underneath, a nice bed and bedside table upstairs…on the tree lives an owl, and you can sleep under the moonlight…

On the tree-house there’s also a bird house!

And happy Alessandro on his tree-house bed.

After this we went back to Bergamo for a very very hectic day.

Pretty Orange cat was napping on the radiator at my mom’s. This cat is still looking for a name…after years. Too bad I can’t touch it, I’m very allergic. Buh.

I guess another time I’ll remember to take photos in BG. Especially when we’ll have more time to spend there…

Ciao Italy e arrivederci a tutti. I will miss you!

Breakfast at Milan Airport,  cappuccino & brioche. Served on a pasta tablecloth! Where do I find this in Denmark? :-)


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