Marin+SF in just a few cellphone photos

dont remember the name of the artist
don't remember the name of the artist

We arrived in California a week ago, spending most of our time in Marin County where Andreas’ mom Nancy lives, north of San Francisco.  Here’s just a quick update. All the photos posted here are taken with my cellphone…I forgot my USB cable for the camera, so I’ll have to buy one soon.

This is where we are now, in Nancy’s house

It feels great to be here. The nature here is just amazing, we’re in a valley surrounded by hills. The City is less than a hour away, Marin is separated from SF by the Golden Gate Bridge.  We eat like piglets and are spoiled in all possible ways. We went a couple of times to SF too.

One time was to see the Sound of Music Sing-a-long at the Castro Theater! (ovvero Tutti insieme appassionatamente in versione karaoke). Miguel. That would definitely have healed you! We got our little goodie bag too, and it was a wild experience for sure. The Castro is the gay neighborhood of SF, where I lived between 2005-2006. The theater was built in the 20s, it’s super gorgeous.

We also had the opportunity to see the Nordic Store in Oakland, where they have all products Scandinavian. We were picking up a huge fleskestege (pork roast Danish style), and since it was our second day here in the US we could heal our Danish homesickness surrounded by æbleskiver mixes, ryebreads, herrings, smelling cheese and elves…

Now we’ll go back to our fattening holiday, meeting people, shopping shopping, hopefully hiking & hicking. I’ll post real photos soon! Enjoy your last days of 2008! Go to sing-a-longs!! Possibly starring Julie Andrews.


2 risposte a "Marin+SF in just a few cellphone photos"

  1. Hi Valeria (And Ando)

    I hope you are having a nice nice nice holiday abroad, and feel the christmas / new year mood or whatever, whereever you go :P I had a good one atleast hehe.
    Hope to see you some more this year, I know I havn’t done enough to see you both, sorry… :D
    Have fun kiddo’s

    Love Anders and Cathrine

    1. Hey! Same to you guys! Hi from everybody here, we had a great & cozy New Year’s eve + fat New Year’s day sushi party. See you soon, either in Århus or Nørrebronzz. Love from Valeria, Ando and Sarah

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