fuzzy ice cubes in my mojito – part I

I guess if you have a blog you should have a collection of witty titles for your posts, but we just have a collection of songs names so far, like the one above. In fact I’ll probably interrupt my blogging career to dedicate myself entirely to making music soon. The band is composed by Andreas, Matt, Sarah and me, so far, I guess. We find inspiration anywhere, most likely in self-help books. We’re still undecided on the genre.

But here some more random photos from our American trip. They are so random they needed a random title.

I realized I don’t have that many photos from Xmas…It was great, we had so many Xmas and post Xmas parties, never ending. No pics though!

But I have some topical photos. The Danish Xmas sweather

The Xmas dinner DK style: Fleskestege (pork roast)

Sarah making the Danish gravy

Where are the photos of all the people? Photos of the parties? I don’t know! I guess I was too busy doing something else, like eating and chatting. Or taking pictures of the non-stop fireplace TV channel? Brilliant invention, uh! Sometimes a hand places a new log in it.

Xmas hat partying

Xmas hands burning (starring uncle Arne – also joining the Xmas hat party)

Now we are trying to start our jam session, and tomorrow I’ll post some photos from the great hike in Point Reyes we did yesterday. West Marin has some breathtaking nature. And I got an awesome Xmas present  from Ando that I got to try out there for the first time…but in the meantime here’s a photo from the hike! More to come.

Andreas, Miguel, Ella and me


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