Point Reyes Photo Mission

These are the photos from our trip to the National Park in Point Reyes, about 45 minutes from where we’re based now. It’s a great place. Cows happily grazing on the hills, vultures flying over the ridge, and a long wild seashore to explore. Some areas are open to dogs too, like North Beach. So we went there with our friend Miguel and his lovely dog Ella…

too much sun in my eyes!
too much sun in my eyes!

The sandy cliffs are covered by ice plants. They have many properties and can be used pretty much like you would use Aloe Vera. It’s a soft carpet to walk on, for sure!

The surf in the beach is apparently very dangerous, there are sharks too.

Ella was bored with all our pictures

Here she is

It was definitely a photo trip. We went also hiking by Kehoe Beach. Miguel (he’s a photographer) had to play with his ultra technological digital camera, but as for me…I had to try my Xmas present for the first time…an old Rolleiflex!

It’s such an amazing piece of machinery. Here’s how the world looks through a Rolleiflex lens…

Thank you Andreas!!


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