Natives & the fault (alla faglia di Sant Andreas!)

We’re almost ready to leave, packing our baggage and uploading the last photos. Yesterday we went back to Point Reyes Seashore – one of my favourite places  after M&Gs – and we did a little hike down the Native American village trail and down the Earthquake trail, where you can walk along the San Andreas fault.

It’s a nice short walk at Kule Loklo, a reconstructed Native American village. The Coast Miwok Indians were the first inhabitants of Point Reyes, thousands of years ago. Needless to say, they’re almost all gone. Kule Loklo is the name of the village. It means Bear Valley in Miwok.

Andreas trying out his Hasselblad. It is pretty amazingly sharp, more than the real thing. Ok, sorry for all the pictures of cameras taking pictures!

We went by the San Andreas fault too. Point Reyes lies along the fault, and it’s part of the Pacific Plate. 20 million-year ago Point Reyes was where Los Angeles is today, and ever since it continued traveling Northwest along the fault boundary. Now Point Reyes is north of SF. It has traveled almost 300 miles so far. So, we were looking for the fault down the Earthquake trail…

In 1906 there was a terrible earthquake that destroyed most of San Francisco, especially because of the fire. There’s a place down the trail where you can see the San Andreas fault marked with blue posts, it wasn’t the huge apocalyptic crack in the earth I expected to see though, just a grassy piece of land with almost no trace of anything so terrible as the big earthquake. You can see one blue post on the first picture…

And let’s not forget the raccoon.

Now it’s time to go taste our Gnarly Head wine together with some sourdough baguette & cheese, yes!


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