Library time

photo Boopsie Daisy/Flickr
photo Boopsie Daisy/Flickr

I hereby declare that I have a book fetish. I love books, I love to read them, to touch them, to look at them, to collect them. So, sorry for the nerd post and nerd photos that follows, but I think that DK libraries deserve a post of their own.

Why? Because they are probably the best in the whole world, and the library system here is just incredible. Especially in CPH and Frederiksberg (the latter is 5 minutes from our address, in the center of CPH more or less, but strangely it’s a different city council!).

Frederiksberg! photo Milton CJ on Flickr
Frederiksberg! photo Milton CJ on Flickr

I went to the library in Frederiksberg, one metro stop away from our home yesterday, I was in need of a grammar book for my Danish course and a cd for my textbook.

The library had everything, even a spooky photo book on death in DK (!) – in the book sale section – with very graphic pictures of autopsies that I would rather have avoided seeing. Interesting though.

It’s nice that here you can find books in Danish but also in English, Russian, Turkish, Farsi…And so far it sounds like every library should be (at least in a big multicultural city).

But the music section is what really blows my mind. I felt weird for taking photos with my Nokia, but I still feel kind of like a tourist here still :-). Well, I found a better photo of the music library, ta-da.

photo Randersbib on Flickr
photo Randersbib on Flickr

This above is just a fraction of the collection. They have hundreds and hundreds of CD and records. All kind of music. All for the Danish taxpayers to enjoy. Learn Italy! There’s anything you look for. From Alec Empire to Pete Rock, Solex to the Entombed. It was almost annoying. I tried hard to think about the most indie unknown band, yet they had it. Like being at Amoeba Records (including the basement) but taking the stuff with you for free.

On top of it I’ve notice they also have this, at the library…(time for my cell-phone poladroids!)

A turntable? Of course. Or else how would you listen to that vinyl to make sure you like it before you borrow it?

Oh, and right by it…

Oh yeah, just the Music PC, to make some music, and a keyboard naturally.


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