Super Danish Me

Getting ready for my second Danish language test. My brain refuses to assimilate this language. It’s not my fault! The tests are tomorrow and Wednesday, and hopefully they will be ok. They made me skip a level in school, and for how flattering that seemed at the time, now it feels just like I have way too much to catch up with!

I have all these bits of conversational phrases and grammar rules that spin around my head, no order whatsoever. The pronunciation  of Danish seems to me still totally random, with all these 49 vowel sounds – or something like that, according to a teacher I had. Plus the D sometimes is mute, sometimes sounds like an L. Why? It doesn’t seem clear. To me, at least. My throat still refuses to produce the refined guttural sounds that are so essential for this language.

But since I learned English by watching all the ten years of Friends in DVD, I think I’ll start doing something similar now. I need a DK tv series long enough.

Tonight I’ll start with Klovn. I have faith in you Danish sitcom!


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