When it all began, blogwise

I haven’t posted a photo of the week for a while…but today I feel like instead I should post some “old” pictures from last summer, when I started this blog.

Actually the only reason I started the blog was to post these pictures, and I never did. Mmh, yeah.

It all began when I was sent to a very famous art event, and I wanted to take photos and put them online and comment them and make an account of all sorts of cool artists and art related things I would encounter during my work trip. Mainly for Andreas, who couldn’t come and would have liked to. So I started a wordpress account and decided the name very fast: Snike Larten (this is another story…) and…..

And once in Switzerland I realized that my blog project was destined to abortion. I had not much time to explore (but a LOT to work at the event), no time to post anything at all, all the free time was spent massaging my feet destroyed by my fancy Italian shoes and trying to figure out a way to not pay millions for minutes of wireless internet. 2 months later I would start posting some photos from the new flat and other things coming out of my moleskines…and the blog was re-born from its ashes.

But here are some of the photos I took. I was in so much rush that I barely wrote down who the artists were when I took photos of artwork…still nice to look at them though :-)

This plant below was incredibly not real, but made out of some metal.

There was also a little “lake” of nutella somewhere, but apparently was not sold. No photos though. It did smell really strange, and made you want to jump in it!

After a couple of days of art craziness my biggest desire though was to jump into the fields…But this was just the beautiful view from some outdoor fancy party, where – despite the rural surrounding – I was once again in my uncomfortable shoes sipping on some Moet Chandon & eating Camembert. A fence separating me from shoeless prancing in the grass! Next time we drive to Italy it must be through Switzerland, and we’ll actually enjoy the countryside too…SO beautiful.


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