a day full of sights

At 8:30 this morning I was walking down our road, towards my car, when I’ve noticed a lot of grey and black smoke at the very beginning of the road. Sure enough, a parked car has been set on fire (luckily not mine!), and was burning with big yellow flames from underneath and all over the front. It was obviously some revenge of sorts. An intense way to start the day, but I felt thankful for not being the owner of that Opel.

In the afternoon, driving back from work, I passed by a young girl riding a horse in the bike lane (!), the horse wearing a green reflective vest, and bike lights on his ears! A little odd…

Then I came home, made myself a cup of tea and looked outside the window, down in the square. It was dark and quiet, the snow almost all melted. The ice rink was empty, except for one man. He was ice skating with a dog. I looked closer: the guy was actually being pulled by his pit bull, comfortably sliding on his skates. That was just straight awesome!

I wish you a day full of sights, possibly without any arson.


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