Bird Trailer House & gourmet recipe

We were thinking about making a bird feeder for our empty balcony, since there are many birds around here (magpies, sparrows, crows…). This is a good inspiration, even though is a birdhouse. So neat! It’s on sale for less than 30$ in this shop.

In Scandinavia is very common to find all sorts of wild bird food in every supermarket, I love it! There are also many recipes to make good food to wild birds available, like this one (sorry, just in Danish):

Lav selv luksusfoder
Det er hyggeligt at fodre havens fugle med hjemmelavet mad. Lad børnene være med, og prøv opskriften her:

  • 500 g fedtstof (smør, margarine eller usaltet svine-, okse- eller fårefedt)
  • 100 g hampefrø eller solsikkekerner
  • 100 g rosiner
  • 100 g findelte nødder
  • 100 g havregryn

Smelt fedtstoffet, og tilsæt ‘fyldet’. Hæld blandingen i forme – fx plasticbægre eller halve kokosnøddeskaller, hvori du har sat et stykke ståltråd til ophæng. Bind et søm fast i ståltråden, så den ikke glider ud.

This one, from the DK Forest and Nature Agency, is a recipe to make Elfic Fat Balls for wild birds! (bad translation, but my Danish is what it is). And they have a video on how to make a giant pig fat & seeds ball to feed your happy fugle! The Danish Forest and Nature Agency website is really lovely, just the opposite of the lousy Italian website,all bureaucratic and boring. Buh. That just shows how much the government cares about the environment in my country, I guess.


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