The Gård and the cooperative

tak Bodil!
tak Bodil!

Our gård, the common courtyard (huge!) that our building shares with other few buildings, is undergoing renovation. It is already very beautiful, with a park and trees, compost bins, a hammock in the summer, a fountain and some nice parties every now and then. Here it is. We own this beauty. The following photos, and the one above, are taken by Bodil:

This is the link to more pics taken by Bodil. There are gård meetings to involve all us residents in the block in the renovation process. It’s a great participatory structure they have in our cooperative buildings. They even have a website just for the gård ( and a wordpress blog all dedicated to the renovation process. Here’s a photo from the blog showing the participatory planning design:

I wish I could go AND understand all that is said, I think it is still too hard for me to follow complex conversations, especially if not at a Teletubbies speed…

I may try this time though.


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