Straight Outta…

-sorry, all photos taken with my cell-phone…I’m just too lazy, will do better soon…

When even your breakfast toast in the morning has skulls and bones…you realize you really live straight outta Nørrebro. There has been a tense situation in CPH lately, culminating last week with some shootings in different parts of the city, and around our area people are feeling upset for this uprise of gang related crime.

There has been a huge meeting between the people and the authorities today, very close to where we live. I biked by there on my way to school and I was so impressed to see many many people attending the event. It’s great!

Last week situation was very tense, but it’s nice to relax doing stuff like going to watch the sunset by the sea…I love to live by the sea. Too bad we realized the sun was setting at our back.  But we found this awesome Sneaker Tree, so it doesn’t matter. E’ l’albero degli zoccoli!!

Going to the beach is much better than reading tabloids in a cafè. Hey B.T., does BT stands for Bullhonkie Times? I thought so.

Tabloids do not just devote themselves to a critical yet balanced vision of the social , they also help forming my cultural self awareness as a person living in the Danish Kingdom. I never confronted myself with so many questions, like: Who’s my favourite princess? I thought there was just one, and sometimes they call her Mary, sometimes Marie…I swear I didn’t know. How is that possible?

But now I know better. Learning Danish allows me to read newspapers and that can be so empowering.

That’s all from here, for now. I’ll keep you posted with the situation in town, and I’ll put some extra effort in using something different than my Nokia to take pictures.

Slightly related? Rap song of the month: this one.


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