The Long March

Art: Edith Holden

I haven’t been posting here so much in the last couple of weeks, but you know, March is such a long month here, still very grey and gloomy, yet so close to the beginning of spring. Some days it feels just like an endless month, the very last bit of the dark scandinavian winter. So we’ve been busy with saunas and hygge…

Most of the times I feel sleepy and wish the cold would disappear and the sun would finally come back for at least 3 days in a row!

We do have great news though! Andreas will have his first photo show in Denmark on April 11th (this is the gallery), and he has also been accepted to an important group show in Copenhagen. He’s working at his new website right now, and we’ll post the link asap. I’m not authorized to link to his old site. You’ll have to wait!

As for me, I keep on my DK classes and apparently I have a gift for writing in the language of H.C.Andersen (just that probably, since speaking always feels like the worst torture to me still). I’ll be publishing a novel in Danish soon. I’m pretty sure. In the meantime I’ve hijacked the whole Danish class, including the teacher, to the cinema for a Danish movie instead of school on Thursday. Yay! For those of you who speak Danish, here’s the trailer, it’s supposedly very good. Kind of spooky!


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