As I promised, here are some photos I took during our weekend trip to Helsinki. Finland is quite special. Most of all, is not as ‘americanized’ as most of Europe. Weather wise, well…spring is definitely still FAR away from starting there. Here’s a view of Senaatintori, one of the most beautiful squares in town:

We arrived in town on Saturday morning, during a snow storm. That turned my eye make up into an attractive panda mask, and we had some fun time trying to walk backwards to the hotel from the main station, in order to avoid the arctic wind+snow. After a while it got less wild, and it was just magic to wander around town in the snow!

I just love the snow. We don’t get much in DK, I’d say we get almost none…

The architectural style in Helsinki varies a great deal. It’s East (formerly part of Russia) meets West. All around town there’s so many different examples of very different styles…

I cannot even quantify the amount of salty liquorice candies and Finnish chocolate I chewed on. You need energy in this harsh weather. Finnish chocolate: probably the BEST I ever had. And you cannot beat the name & package of the candies.

Anyway, probably the best part of the trip was wandering around at night. Helsinki has many Nepalese restaurants much to my delight…you can get cheap spicy delicious mount Everest-style food and drink a hot butter-salty tea to warm you up when it’s -3 outside. The harbour at night it’s breathtaking (also for the temperature :-) The sea is frozen and covered in snow!

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral looks so surreal at night.

On Sunday night we took an ice breaker boat (yes!) to Suomenlinna, the island in front of the city that is protected by UNESCO. The island is inhabited, but almost nobody was around at night. You could hear the sound of ice shifting and cracking on the water.

The only thing we didn’t do, and regret it, is the intensely hot Finnish sauna. Next time!


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