il balcone is ready!

I promised to post some photos of the new balcony a while ago, but we just had a pile of boxes with all our food saved from the moth invasion (long story) and few chairs. And it was always raining, no balcony time for us.

Now it has been so sunny for almost a month, and we are getting ready to have the nicest balcony ever (heavily ikea decorated too). Here it is, in all its 5 meters of glory! It’s great to have breaksfast out in the sun, reminds me of my weekend mornings in San Francisco…

The big blue window at the end is the kitchen’s window. The balcony is really spacious…

He’s just yawning. I think…Behind Andreas you can see some of our balcony flora exemplars: the citrus.  Here all the plants we put on so far (interesting post, I know)…

More flowers will come, and basil-rosemary-sage etc…Maybe a hammock? Hope the sun will stay like this! You have no idea how nice Denmark is right now :-)


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