So yes, I’m posting way too many photos…My life is turning into a photonovel. Here we go, before I put online the second part of Sicily a small intermezzo: our weekend in CPH with my mom and my brother Edoardo. Here they are:

They gave us beautiful orchids. I wonder how long they’ll last with me, but if you have tips to share on how to keep them alive, feel free to share! I already put them in the wrong place: direct sun in window.

We went to Tivoli the first night – where we also got the year pass. We can go see Nick & Jay for free, yay!

I love Tivoli, and I love Møn, down in the south of DK, which was our next day destination. Hurray for lousy self-portraits!

Last but not least, the little island of Nyord. I finally took a photo of my favourite beauty store in DK, in the tiniest village. Here’s the outside

Above you can partially see the inside. Get your homemade creams and shampoos and lotions, leave your money in the glass jar and see you next time…no shop assistant, no cashier. This lady’s products are really amazing. Oh, no website either…

Now we’re getting ready to spend a long weekend in Bergamo, Italy. Goodnight!


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