monsters, love & techno

It’s techno night out here now, just outside our window. A very big electronic music festival in CPH organized a block party in our block. It’s pretty good. There are inflatable monsters and all (this photo is from their website though), beer drinking, dancing, djs – I guess famous, but who’s Carl Craig anyway? I feel 100 year old!! This is what I get for not reading Vice mag.

And we happen to have scaffolding outside the windows (le impalcature), so obviously there’s somebody dancing on it. Which sort of make me crinkle inside. They are danish and polite though, a nice girl in miniskirt who was dancing right outside our window asked me if that was ok, and reassured me she wouldn’t fall down. I think it was the most surreal conversation I had this year.

We’ll count the human remains on the ground tomorrow.


3 risposte a "monsters, love & techno"

  1. Talk about surreal – two families in this part of the building were scared, so I screamed out of the window for the kids to get down from the scaffolding – not that I couldn’t see how tempting it was for them to enjoy that corner of the party, too – “Hey, look, it’s Bodil Brier, how are you Bodil”; they turned out to be former students and we had a laugh. They politely climbed down. I gave myself guard duty and patrolled for an hour below the structure at our end of the house, almost peeling the pants off one young man eagerly climbing up, talking myself hoarse trying to explain to them that some people in the building were scared and would they please…..and they were all very nice and obliging, I got hugs, and helped the café people carry in the tables, and the air was nice and warm, too. I couldn’t cover the whole perimeter so I opted to guard our side, thinking that you youngsters over there would be less scared, and take it all as an experience. One guy took photos of me telling them off and dragging them down, so I may appear in reports in youthful magazines as the wicked witch of Blågårdsgade! love – b.

    1. Hi Bodil, this is hilarious!! yes, I got the impression that they were all very nice, and as for the photos of you, I know the festival had a photo contest going on, so maybe they have them on their website….

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