on reading

1/2 book review/ I was hoping to keep up the minimal book reviews at a regular pace – that is like maybe a book a month? – but now I’m reading a book that is kind of slower and gives me nightmares if I read it at night: Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. Good but brutal.

A little wordy here and there too, but it is the reader’s right to skip pages.

Book lists/ Last weekend reading El Pais – the Spanish newspaper – I found a list of 8 books recommended by author Luis Sepulveda. I found it on the online edition too. I love lists, so here it is, for those who read Spanish and like books and lists.

Lying about books/ Lastly, Apparently 65% of us have lied about reading the great works of literature. We needn’t have bothered. Hilarious article by Guardian columnist Charley Brooker. His article developing interests as a hobby is also pretty awesome.


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