a walk in bergamo

On one of the very first days here we went for a hike from my mom’s place to upper town Bergamo. After biking & walking all the time in DK it seemed a little strange to reach the top of the hill by car…

Living Swedish flag boyfriend

It’s so great that so many places in Bergamo city still look like this. Here we’re 10 mins from the historical center (upper town). The lower town is the “modern commercial center”.

standard self-portrait, we started to be a little faded by the heat

we found a pet goat in a garden

and a mysterious letter in hundreds of pieces, on the road. We are still trying to put it together.

That walled town in the distance is upper town Bergamo

they make great sweet polenta pies up there, with chocolate birdies

In our wandering we decided to go even further up, to San Vigilio, with the cable car. Here’s a view of the city from above…

I was actually a little out of training, after all DK is completely flat, and upper town Bergamo all up and down hills.

My dog didn’t even try. His philosophy in his senior years is eat-sleep-nap…


3 risposte a "a walk in bergamo"

  1. Hi Andreas and Valeria, How lovely to see Bergamo, a city that took me by surprise and is unforgettable. I look forward to seeing more pictures. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    love, Viv

  2. Wonderful photos indeed from Bergamo, nice to get an idea of the layout and general atmosphere. Those hikes look nice!
    Just picked Andreas up from the Main Station, he brought my handbag which I’d forgotten in Læsø, and WAS LUCKY TO GET BACK, and I had his suitcase in my car, so it was reunion time!!
    Thanks for the greetings Andreas brought from your Mum – fortunately I found my computer and the keys that had hidden in my suitcase, and now I also have my handbag.
    Arne will be bringing the new camera – I hear you got one too! Playtime! Please do say hello back to your folks from me.
    I should love to do Danish conversation (or whatever) with you – when we get the time….
    I have postponed my trip to Canada for the spring – otherwise I think in fact I might have collapsed!
    Love from Bodil

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