siesta time

…hazy mountains in Carona

Here it’s way too hot. We’re in the middle of an heat wave coming from Africa, and I’ve been bitten by mosquitos even in the morning during breakfast. I’m decorated by big red bites all over my arms & legs.

Surprisingly there’s a lot of time to post stuff on the blog: life stops between noon & 3-4 pm. The name of the game is staying indoor, doing crosswords, sleeping and such.

A couple of days ago we looked from some fresh air up in the Bergamo mountains – not so much fresh air but it was fun. We got new hiking shoes.

We got (especially Andreas) a huge dinner the night before, mostly based on polenta, grilled sausages, grilled pork ribs, salami and kebabs, 4 differents kinds of wine, chocolate cake. I had 7 different veggie options! Thanks Angelo, Raffaella & Cristina!!

Maybe it was too much of a feast. We didn’t make it that early to the mountains, good thing is just a 40 minutes drive. It was already lunch time & the lady at the cafè gave us quite a few menus (?)

The Brembo river was way too cold to dip your toes in for more than 1/2 second. Too bad!

We never made it to the Laghi Gemelli (Twin Lakes), at the top of the mountain. Next time we’ll go for a camping-hiking holiday of few days there though. They serve you polenta even at 2000 mt. We just hiked around the Carona lake and wished we had fishing poles.

Andreas still on a strict meat diet: Polenta e brasato al Barolo.

Love from both of us!


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