back to blog!

I’ve been away for a while, I mean away from this blog. Starting at the university was tough, the amount of work required is pretty intense, especially considering I have to design a research project to be realized in the spring. They don’t kid around at Copenhagen University!

We’ve been having Fra and Patrizio visiting, well, at the end of last month…

Guess who’s got a fish eye lens for her birthday

back home the fish eye addiction continues

enough with round photos. we’ve been active making things too

My pizza is probably the worst ever made by an Italian, but I’m pretty good at doing this. And making soy milk!

We also went to an amazing country fair, the first of this kind I’ve ever been in DK, in the countryside of Sjælland. AMAZING! Just made me want to move in the boondocks, have a quantity of sheep and knit knit knit. First need to learn how to knit, but I’ll post something from the fair soon. Andreas can carve wood and make knifes.

Per Fra: il Bambino è qui. Credo si sia trasferito in pianta stabile da McDonald. Bye!


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