some pics

Angry DK dog.

Simone has been here, we went to see Aqua (yes!! yes!!) for free at the Olympic selection ceremony, at the city hall square here in CPH. It was an amazing moment, when they played Barbie Girl I felt like it was one of the most special danish moments ever….ahahah! Actually I did…

photo from museums website
photo from glass museum's website
photo from glass museums website
photo from glass museum's website

We did tons of other things, including visiting a very dark underground glass museum with stalagmites, water puddles, dracula style candelabra and creepy sandstone statues (reproducing DK peasants, apparently a cool thing to own in your Danish villa back in the 18th century). This is apparently the first and only art cave-museum in Europe.

We went to see the Crown Jewels too…in the treasury of one the Royal castles in town. There’s something so fascinating and trashy about crowns and big heavy golden jewels. We got rained on a lot, but we like the rain too.

photo tkvision
photo tkvision

As you can see from these last 3 photos’captions I haven’t taken pictures at all…shame on me. I hope Simone will send me his, so I can put them online. I don’t have that many photos Simo!

eating flags on the Danish flag day

No, it was no flag day…that is on June 15 – on that day back in 1219 the DK flag, named Dannebrog, fell from heaven right when the Danes were about to be defeated in a battle.  The flag naturally saved them. The DK flag official color is Pantone 186c.  And Danes LOVE the flag. If you live here you sooner or later end up having some sort of DK flag themed item in your apartment too…it’s unavoidable.


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  1. Hi again – I didn’t know what the official correct colour of the Dannebrog was – well, now I know!! Thanks!
    Yes we do love the flag, sort of difficult to describe the feeling. Never mind – let’s just enjoy it whether it’s “cute” on a mug or salt-cellar – or a relief to see on a consular plaque abroad when you’ve lost your purse and your ticket home and you’re sure they’ll do their best for you!!!
    Here’s tricky one from my childhood holidays in Norway:
    Det norske flag er blåt rødt og hvidt
    Det danske flag er blot rødt og hvidt
    Got it?

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