old days

our road, 1904

The DK Royal Library has recently enriched its online catalogue with a collection of pictures of Copenhagen until the ’70s. I must say our road didn’t look so different in 1904. I wonder who was living in our apartment!

It looked definitely more rural down the street in 1860…What is that river? I need your help, Bodil!

1860 Aagade ved Blaagaardsgade
1860 Aagade ved Blaagaardsgade

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  1. Hi Valeria
    The “river” or “stream” (Danish “å” (“aa”)) at the Åboulevard end of Blågårdsgade was called LADEGÅRDSÅEN. It still runs there I’m sure, in a tunnel under the street. Thus the street names Ågade and Åboulevard.
    The Ladegård was a poorhouse, where poor and homeless people lived institutionalised – I’m not quite sure where it was situated, I imagine in the area of what is now Gartnergade (at the beginning of Rantzausgade)
    The paupers of course had to be kept busy so as not in their idleness to fall into all sorts of crime and vice, so they were given brigade work sweeping the streets and the like. I have seen a picture of such an early morning brigade outside the Ladegård.
    Further out, where Jagtvej is now, the landscape that the å / stream ran through was rural, and kids swam and waddled in the stream and played in the grass – until Nørrebro was explosively built-up and heavily over-populated with tenement buildings three houses deep – I think I told you there used to be a building between our present Blågårdsgade 23/25/27 and the “back-house” that is now rented out to Niels Brock College. (Traces still discernible on the south wall of the yard)
    When I moved here in 1977 it was still there, and the two yards between the three houses were narrow, dark and asphalted and contained only dustbins, inadequate cycle-sheds and washing-lines, and a place designated to carpet-beating (nor everybody had a vacuum cleaner) – I probably also told you that we each had a toilet behind the kitchen, with access from the back stairs – no washbasin installed, only the WC. And the bathrooms were installed in half of a small room between the kitchen and the bedroom.
    I certainly enjoyed the two pictures you posted. I have an old book of photos we can look at when I find it and we have time! I also have the book “Alle elsker Blågårdsgade” which you can borrow.
    Much love

  2. Forgot to put in : the bathrooms were installed in 1985, along with central heating and double-glazed windows.
    You were wondering who lived in your apartment then – well, carpenter masters, owners of their own businesses would live in out “front” house, and people in the rank of workers and employees would live in the “back” house, and there would be all sorts workshops between the buildings.
    If you go to Fælledvej about nr. 16, where our plumber has his office, and go into the yard, you’ll get the feel of the environment back then.

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