October in CPH – Simone

Hey! It’s been very busy lately, and I even almost considered to stop the blog since I’m drowning in books, papers to write, Danish exams to prepare and various trips…But despite the craziness we often have visitors, and they take nice photos, too. And the blog must go on!

Through Simone’s pictures you can see what’s going on here…After almost a month he left I’m ready to post some of them!

actually it rained most of the time when Simone was here, but we’re just going to show photos of the sunny Danish sky over CPH….

Oh…the little mermaid. The main disappointment for visitors in CPH.

Luckily a tour along the canals can reserve some better sights, like tons of recent modern buildings

and old architecture

toxic plants tour at the Botanical Gardens

and the Aqua concert, guess who’s loving it?

guess who’s not loving it?

guitar medallion is from Tiger. One thing is sure, if you come to visit me in CPH you’ll also get the Tiger mania


Una risposta a "October in CPH – Simone"

  1. As always very huggeligt to drop in on your blog – it has a really genuine feel.
    Just want to register that Jon is also? a big fan of Aqua (amend that to Lene). He preferred the big screen to the real thing, though when we went to Grøn koncert in a previous life of Aqua.

    kh Morten

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