dk culture not what you expect

my feet at the new DR Byen

A month ago it was the Culture Night here in CPH, and we decided to explore some of the places that had special events going on. I expected the typical Culture Night kind of routine…some museums, some galleries, stuff like that…it ended up quite differently.

First, this:

On our way to the pizza place we noticed that the public hospital was also celebrating the culture night, so we HAD to go. Above, Andreas is sewing somebody’s (fake) arm, under the supervision of a nurse. He says is a good skill to have in the States.

The hospital was great, they had all sort of activities going on, for those not faint of heart.

I found it interesting that the city national hospital was part of the cultural events as well…and it was a nice chance to visit the place where the famous Lars von Trier series Riget was set! (see Bodil’s comment for more info on the hospital!)

A thing that impressed me is how nice the hospital is, they even have a lounge area for the teenage guests, with a cafeteria, design furniture and computer room. Here it is:

Definitely doesn’t look like any of the Italian or American public hospitals (are there US public hospitals? I’m kind of ignorant about it). Oh well….

Next stop was the Folketinget: the Danish Parliament. Lots of wood, and very humble, also quite small…

Law’s purpose is the people’s life

Before leaving we got to visit different rooms where the main political parties were having…parties. I must say the Danish folkeparti was unforgettable with its mixture of bad taste, loud music and dubious “typical” Danish shows like the (Scottish) bag-pipe players…

And then we realized we had an hour left, to complete our culture night grand tour (“night” events tend to end pretty early here, usually don’t last all night long, but at midnight).

We decided to take the metro to the new ultramodern,  ultra celebrated DR Byen, or the public DK tv and radio building. It was FANCY!

And at the end of our pilgrimage through various DK public institutions we got to rest in the new ultra expensive concert hall at DR Byen. A guy was talking about the acoustic and the materials used to build it and most people were napping…so nice…it feels like being in a cocoon, or at the center of the earth…

And the last amazing touch of style were the chairs, all in different shades of red and orange to give an impression of non-static pattern. I love that!


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  1. Hi there (in Paris – have some hot chocolate for me!) – loved your report from Kulturnatten, yes I agree it’s a joy that all kinds of institutions take part. Folketinget’s premises in Christiansborg are typical for the time of the Nordic/ Old Norse revival; at the time of Art Nouveau the Scandinavian Countries incorporated Nordic folk-features into the style – a fascinating time, hope we’ll get some time one day to explore together this corner of European history.(Københavns Rådhus is a charming example)

    May I comment: “Rigshospitalet” is not the city hospital, it’s the national hospital and university hospital – it also serves SOME of Copenhagen locally, I think, but if you break a leg round here you’ll be sent to Hvidovre. There used to be a Kommunehospital (local) until about 20/30 years ago, but the functions have been taken over by Gentofte, Hvidovre, Glostrup, Amager Hospital etc. Politics.
    I think you know the old Kommunehospital building, it in an 1860’s Byzantine style, in Øster Farimagsgade right across from the Palm-glass-house in Botanisk Have.
    The word RIGET means “the REALM” – MANY years ago for example if you wanted to phone another city OR ANOTHER COUNTRY – WAUW – you had to ask for “Rigstelefonen”. The escutcheon of Denmark is the “Rigsvåben”.
    Here endeth the first chapter.
    Love from Bodil

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