no impact for a year

art by ayumi piland - little otsu


Here we are, back in the land where the big COP15 climate conference will start soon.  I don’t feel too positive about it, to tell the truth…

But luckily I found a more inspiring thing that I’d like to share, it’s the crazy adventure of the No Impact Man and his family. Colin Beavan, a journalist from New York City, decided to live with the minimum impact on the environment for one year. This meant renouncing to many things…

No electricity at ALL, no shopping (except for food, all locally grown and bought without plastic wrapping), no trash, no cars, no planes, no trains, only foot and bike. No cosmetics, no detergents for the house in plastic bottles…

Here you can find the very nice trailer of the documentary that is already out in the US. Enjoy!

And from his blog, a list of ways to reduce the garbage to almost zero,



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